As always, The Knitting Factory impressed me last night with a combination of great patrons, a unique lineup, and, of course, discounted PBRs. Though I wasn’t able to stay for the entire evening, the two bands I  did watch provided some very needed variety to my standard concertgoing experience.

Exuding a huge amount of energy right from the beginning, Gunfight! (@gunfightband) brought a tinge of southern rock influence to the bill. While the overall sound was so loud that it took away from the set, I was still able to bounce along to the heavy-toned guitars, wailing vocals and frantic percussion that the band brought to the stage. While country-influenced rock isn’t necessarily my flavor, Gunfight! were strong enough in their delivery that it didn’t particularly matter.

Little Tybee (@littletybee), hailing from Georgia and currently on what looks to be TBA tour, were a refreshing detour from the standard NYC fare. Though their sound didn’t hugely expand beyond the familiar, they embodied the qualities that have spawned incredible touring franchises. Armed with an eight string guitar, powerful violin, smooth bass lines, and coarse, soulful vocals, the band layered and jammed through a set filled with strong melodies and musicianship. This is a very natural festival band who seemed completely at ease with each other and the stage.

Drawing a natural comparison to the Dave Matthews Band, the accents, more so than the rhythm guitar and piano, were what caught my attention. The string component was really striking, and the group’s math rock vibe from the lead were a fantastic contrast with the otherwise grassroots feel of the performance. Altogether, I wouldn’t be surprised if Little Tybee really flourishes while on the road.

Little Tybee