Lisbon’s ‘Vice’ Revels in Twisted Logic and Rock-Inspired Riffs [Stream]

After kicking off 2016 with a three-week tour in the UK, Lisbon recently unveiled a new indie pop track, “Vice”, their first release since August’s debut EP, Life is Good. Well-stocked with lyrics dripping in angst, yet somehow simultaneously cheerful, “Vice” sounds expertly designed for blasting on the first warm day of the year. Sprinkled with rock-inspired guitar riffs, it’s liberation in a song — youthful, jovially tortured and reveling in its own twisted logic. “What’s your vice?” the chorus asks, “You’ve got me drinkin’ till I’m sober.” Lisbon’s lyrics and garage-inspired drum beats maintain just enough edge that they aren’t pure, unadulterated guilty pleasure music, yet their catchy, uplifting sound will keep you singing along throughout the sunnier days to come.

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