Lisa Prank Channels 90s Punks in ‘Luv Is Dumb’ [Video]

October 28, 2016 Comments Off on Lisa Prank Channels 90s Punks in ‘Luv Is Dumb’ [Video]

In less than two minutes, Lisa Prank finds a way to transport you to the obsessive days of having a crush you just can’t shake. The solo pop-punk project of Robin Edwards, Lisa Prank combines an energetic, confident melody with a story reminiscent of the trials of young love. In the most upbeat way possible, and with a sense of unapologetic self-deprecation, Edwards laments “I am not the type to call you all the time / But love is making me dumb.”

As Edwards told NPR, the song embraces “…those early stages of falling for someone where in spite of your best judgment you find yourself obsessively checking their horoscope and projecting all of your grand, unrealistic romantic hopes onto this person you’ve only just met.”

In a video that parodies the 1992 movie Singles, Edwards recruits her friends and fellow musicians to capture the power punk vibe of the 90s, and prove that, while she may be struck dumb by love, there’s nothing she can’t handle.

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