Lincoln’s ‘A Constant State of Ohio’ Scratches That Teenage Itch [Premiere]

Ohio seems to be a ground zero for angsty rock music. Continuing in the lineage is the new outfit Lincoln – with an attitude that’s perfectly “whatever” and music that reminds of the emo golden age with a firm enough foot in indie-rock that it’s sounds completely modern. The debut EP A Constant State of Ohio shows an artist that’s steeped in creativity – using familiar tropes with sonic twists that make them veer from hushed to hard on the turn of a dime. With lyrics that read more like a diary than a song, Lincoln is the kind of band that scratches a very particular, very teenage itch – and we’re all about it. Of the EP Lincoln says:

“This EP is a collection of songs I wrote during my first year of college. It was a generally unhappy year for me; I lost a lot of friends and didn’t really have a set of goals to work toward, and these songs were how I coped. The title came after the songs were recorded– I was unemployed at the time and living in an old warehouse in Cincinnati, with no reliable way to get around, I felt just as stuck as I had when I was in school writing those songs, I was in a constant state of Ohio.”

Check out the EP above and be sure to it when it comes out tomorrow.

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