Lilyer Brings Perfect Vocals to Synth Ballad ‘I Was On Your Side’ [Stream]

Lilyer stuns with beautiful, dreamy vocals on her pop ballad debut, “I Was On Your Side.” Marte Solbakken is the creative force behind the music (formerly of Elskling and WATERS), and her new project makes an immediate impact with an intense narrative. For all the 80s pop and synthy-sweetness in the artistry, the lyrics dig deep as Solbakken sings from a raw place of having her self-worth and purpose defined by someone other than herself.

Back in time to when I was always on your mind / not so out of focus / and you were the one who told me this is all I ever will be

To when I was always on your side / not some shadow in your mind / but you were the one who told me maybe this is all you can be 

The emotional toll of the lyrics is contrasted by the strength of the upbeat melody, solidifying Lilyer as a new talent who evidently won’t be controlled by any set of rules or opinions — musical or otherwise.

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