Lily Virginia Captures Our Modern Life With ‘TV Screens & Videos’ [Stream]

Lily Virginia’s track “TV Screens & Videos” captures the dialectic so commonplace in our hyperactive-social-media-validation machine. A digital ménage à trois with the phone sandwiched in the middle, “Videos” captures the entire relationship with each coordinated selfie and the inevitable likes that come with each post. In perverse Black Mirror fashion, these documents come to mean more to us than our partner. “Pics or it didn’t happen,” Virginia seems to say, critiquing our digital obsessions with a cool Miss Derringer loungey detachment, though never with a sneer. Virginia sings about the digital gaze, fixing her camera – no doubt with the flash on in a dim bar – upon her target meat, unaware of her fixation. If pictures are worth a thousand words, a video must be worth at least a couple of new followers.

Her commentary takes a sly, lamenting turn on the chorus. The band crests into half-time and Virginia belts out descending notes. Our video upload didn’t get many retweets, but a pleasantly unexpected saxophone solo emerges to burst us into the outside world full of sunshine and people, and not a LCD screen in sight.

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