Lianne La Havas Came Back To New York With Some Fresh Tunes [Photos]

Photos by Julia Drummond

Lianne La Havas first gained the world’s attention with her debut album Is Your Love Big Enough?, showcasing a variety of influences from jazz to folk to neo-soul and setting herself apart with syncopated guitar and her velvety voice. Last week, La Havas played Bowery Ballroom, introducing new songs from her upcoming record Blood and opening with her single “Unstoppable”.

Prior to writing the album, she travelled to her mother’s native country, Jamaica, to connect with the culture — the experience provided her with a backbone for the album which deals with family, heritage and bloodlines. “Never Get Enough”, one standout new track, was full of funk and rock like nothing we’ve heard from her previously. The reggae infused “Grow” also made an impact, prompting the audience to sing along despite not knowing the lyrics.

While the crowd was very receptive of her new material, songs like “Is Your Love Big Enough?” and “Forget” kept their hands up in the air. La Havas was all smiles the entire night and was sure to remind everyone that she’s coming back to New York on September 26 for a show at Terminal 5. Be sure you make it out!

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