Let Color Tongue Take You To The Moon With ‘Sprouts’ [Premiere]

“I was on the moon, but I’m sure glad to be back” are the first words you’ll hear on Color Tongue’s latest release, “Sprout,” and the first thought you’ll have after you finish the song — except you’ll wish you were still there. The band’s newest release, taken from their upcoming album of the same name, really does make you feel like you’re in a spaceship going to the moon, as the opening synths blast the shuttle off and the drum cadence takes gravity away. The electro rock song is filled with vocals reminiscent of a 90s punk band, with sporadic shouts and countdown’s leading into the chorus, that are accompanied with new wave rock sounds, like synth riffs and ethereal vocals, that set you back to present time. “Sprout” truly takes you on a journey with each verse — a journey that makes you want to start a mosh-pit in the middle of your living room, whip your head back and forth until your neck’s sore and book the next flight to the moon. Learn more about the track from the band below!

“We wrote it at about this time last year I think. It started off with Eddie finding that sound on his bass synth. It was the first time we had the synth be the backbone of a song. The lyrics are comprised of 2 individual poems me and Eddie had written. The first came from this idea I had of a splinter taking shape of an entire forest or jungle while you sleep and getting caught inside a strange dreamworld in the process. Eddie then wrote the second verse lines about what one might find in there “a brain hung from a chain”. The chorus is from our roommate and visual artist, Will, swirling around on an ottoman in our living room and asking “am I ruining the floor gentleman?”. I thought that was a too good of a line to forget and it somehow ended up in my head when writing the chorus melody. The hypnotic bridge kind of serves as the transition of madness that takes place through this adventure and then ending abruptly with a comedically unexpected bass solo to kick into the final hook. On this track our usual keyboardist, Ray, plays bass and Eddie mans the synthesizer.” – George Miata

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