Leave it All Behind With Austin Plaine’s New Track ‘Never Come Back Again’ [VIdeo]

Wanderlust is this: “I wanna see the world/I wanna sail the ocean/I wanna know what it feels like to never come back again.” The lyrics by singer-songwriter Austin Plaine echo daydreams – dreams of disconnecting from attachments and voiding ourselves of responsibilities. It’s a familiar dream of leaving it all behind and traveling a road where adventure is the only compass.

Austin’s mellow vocals on “Never Come Back Again,” paired with the smooth but lively melody, add a comfortable tone that contrast perfectly with the desire for excitement and travel. His music is relatable, sweet, catchy and easy – it’s not surprising that it’s been featured in TV shows all over. His debut album is scheduled for this year. His debut album is out 9/11 – check out the lead track above.

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