Photo credit: Shervin Lainez

It’s hard not to be excited about Lady Lamb the Beekeeper (@ladylambjams), a.k.a. Brooklyn’s solo artist Aly Spaltro. Her music sounds like it comes from an alternate reality where people and goings-on are colorful and exaggerated — where “hum-drum” is a foreign concept and anything out of the ordinary is celebrated. She’s a master in the art of crafting gorgeously simple yet verging-on illogical music to pair with her observant lyrics. If I may be so bold, in terms of contemporary songwriting, Lady Lamb is where it’s at.

She recently debuted “Rooftop,” the awesomely energetic primer for Ripely Pine, her full-length February release on Ba Da Bing Records. Ripely Pine marks her first formal recording endeavor. With the help of those sensitive to her acutely unique style, the album brings forth Spaltro’s intricate musical reveries from her head to our ears, a feat which before was only achieved during live shows.

Check out “Rooftop” above and stay tuned for Ripely Pine (you’re not gonna want to miss this one).

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