Kishi Bashi Brings Some Much Needed Joy with ‘Hey Big Star’ [Stream]

Even in the darkest days, Kishi Bashi is there to pull you out. Despite the crushing summertime sads that seem to be enveloping us all daily, Kishi Bashi is there to remind us of happy, pretty things. Kishi Bashi has released his newest joyous tune “Hey Big Star” perfectly timed to make us forget about all the shower sobbing and start thinking about frolicking in a golden field under a smiling sun. “Hey Big Star” loops all the lovely violin sounds that Ishibashi is known for and adds in a full band, fleshing out a sound that was already huge into something of planetary vastness. It’s the kind of track that will make even the hardest, saddest, most frozen heart thaw. Check out “Hey Big Star” above and get ready for the newest album Sonderlust  out 9/16.

  • Danny Hennessy

    Love this song! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!!!! This and Say Yeah have me really excited!!!

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