Kindling’s ‘Fade Into’ Is Shoegaze Perfection [Premiere]

Boston’s Kindling brings the kind of classic, fuzzed out shoegaze that our lives have been missing. Their newest track “Fade Into” is about as straight up shoegazy as you can get, with sweet vocals way down in the mix and a driving, maxed out guitar. The track only comes in at a scant 1 min 33 seconds, but it’s enough to leave an impact. Of the song the band says:

“Fade Into was one of the first songs that Stephen and I wrote, and a version with just the two of us was on our demo. We thought it would be a good song to re-record with the full band. Their presence brings an extra weight to what was otherwise a pretty breezy pop song, bridging the gap between what we were at the start and the band that we are now. 

Fade Into is a much more compact and direct version of our band than what you’ll find on the Everywhere Else LP, which fits the vibe of No Generation as a whole. Ultimately, we see this EP as the “poppier companion” to the LP. They were recorded during the same session with our friend Justin Pizzoferrato, and effectively show the two sides of Kindling: at times light and dark, brooding and carefree.”

The band’s new EP, No Generation, is full of these perfectly loud pop gems. Check out the track above.

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