Kid Astray Oozes Easy Sweetness in ‘Diver’ [Stream]

Kid Astray- Diver

Kid Astray is back with bubbling indie electronica in “Diver”, a track brimming with candied and fizzing harmonies. The song careens in both energy and vibrancy with a thick bass line that leads into bursts of lively, sun-tinged bridges and choruses. The lyrics, including, “I can be anything that you want me to be / anything that you need me to be / so dive in with me / dive in with me” are shamelessly bold and sweet. They find the right balance between confidence and charm that make the track so easily enticing — the sound is fluid and playful while emotions remain convincing and genuine. Kid Astray’s album Home Before Dark is out now. Get it and enjoy all the sweet pop you can handle!

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