Kevin Garrett Lets Go of His Woes with ‘Precious’ [Stream]

August 24, 2016 Comments Off on Kevin Garrett Lets Go of His Woes with ‘Precious’ [Stream]

“When you forget about me, don’t be so precious about it,” are the kind of penetratingly honest words we’ve become so familiar with and fond of in Kevin Garrett’s music. Garrett just released his newest single, “Precious,” after collaborating with the Queen herself, Beyoncé, on “Pray You Catch Me,” and it’s obvious why his writing has been recognized by top musicians like herself. “Precious” is a song about finding strength in being alone and letting go of feelings you deserve to leave behind. Garrett says, “‘Precious’ is my closest attempt at optimism — trying to access some sort of comfort in being let down.”

A lot of break up songs are written and felt so deeply because the good times are preserved for future walks down memory lane. But Garrett takes a different route with this new single, letting his ex lover know that “it’s okay if I’m the one you’re done with.” It seems he’s found a certain kind of comfort in being alone. That’s why this hauntingly cathartic melody is so striking — it’s a melancholic take on breaking up that’s still all about finding comfortable strength within yourself. He sings with a certain kind of raw, elegiac quality, and his way with words is cleverly self-reflective and straightforward.

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