Kendrick Lamar Made Everyone’s Day Better With Surprise Album [Stream]

There were rumblings from the Top Dawg camp for the last week that something big was going to happen today — that there would be some surprise release from their absolutely incredible roster of artists. While all of the Top Dawg rappers coming out with something new, especially a surprise something new, was exciting, the thought of new material from Kendrick Lamar was enough to make anyone stop breathing with anticipation.

Given that To Pimp a Butterfly was widely considered to be the best album of 2015 and an undisputed masterpiece, receiving a follow up so quickly is an extremely exciting and unexpected prospect. The new 8 song project, untitled unmastered., contains tracks that we’ve already heard on various TV performances as well as some never before heard songs. It’s definitely material mostly taken from the recording sessions from To Pimp a Butterfly, and it’s definitely unmastered, but it’s new music from one of this generation’s most gifted and fascinating artists. So, you know, it’s worth celebrating.

Check out untitled unmastered. below and rejoice in living in a world where you can be surprised with a new album from Kendrick Lamar at any moment.

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