Keeps Release ‘Let it Fall’ from Their Debut Album Brief Spirit [Premiere]

Gusti Escalante and Robbie Jackson, known together as Keeps, met their first day of college and were immediately drawn together by a natural songwriting chemistry. After countless hours writing, recording and performing, the duo are finally preparing to release Brief Spirit on March 4, their first full length on Old Flame Records. Today, we’re immensely excited to share “Let it Fall”, the next single from the album. Brimming with beautifully layered guitar tones, clever melodies and Escalante’s smooth, confident vocals, the track feels impressively self-assured for a debut. “Let it Fall” is a boisterous but understated rock song, filled with the same ingredients, but constructed in a way that feels more mature and controlled. These results aren’t surprising given Robbie Jackson’s description below — the track did, in fact, come from a place of solemn, intense introspection:

I wrote the music for ‘Let it Fall’ shortly after the worst winter of my life. I’d just damaged a pretty long relationship and started spiraling down a road of self-depreciation and loneliness. I spent so much of that winter missing the past few years of my life and wondering how I could relive those memories or find a way to recreate those past feelings somehow in my current situation. I tried to write music that had that same intensity with a yearning for the past. Like somebody who was looking for something that had already been lost. I brought the song to Gusti who had coincidently been working on lyrics reflecting that exact feeling from a very similar situation he was going through. We discussed this idea of dwelling on the past and completely missing what’s going on around us. That idea eventually turned into the lyrics for ‘Let it Fall’.

Tour Dates

2/16 – Pittsburgh, PA @Black Forge Coffee House
2/17  – New York, NY @ Cake Shop
2/18  – Washington, DC @Black Cat
2/19 – Harrisburg, PA @ The Millworks
2/20 – Red Bank, NJ @ 10th Avenue Burrito

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