Keenan O’Meara’s ‘Rainstorms’ Beautifully Plays With Scale [Premiere]

When a storm rages on, the intensity and force of nature is enough to make anyone feel small, feel the victim. In his newest single, “Rainstorms”, Keenan O’Meara plays with this sense of scale and power. Oscillating between introspection and accusation – from “was it something I did? I was a half-good kid” to “are you just like I am?” – nature outwardly mirrors this emotion-fueled swinging, as it destroys the trees like the “tantrums of a childish heart”.

 The combination of O’Meara’s soulfully commanding voice with either the soft cautious raindrop pluckings of the guitar or a thunderous beat brilliantly capture the different kinds of intensity alluded to in the song. This reaches it’s height in a folk-baroque-esque bridge with swelling background vocals. Keep an eye on the horizon for Keenan O’Meara’s debut album out this fall.

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