Katy Carmichael is Subtly Complex and Authentic on ‘Seams’ [Stream]

At the outset, Katy Carmichael’s “Seams” is sweet and unassuming — a consideration of young love, like many before her. Yet, her “breakup” song is not an anthem, nor is it a sappy love song. Yes, it’s sweet, but it’s also subtly complex, strong and honest. A simple background strips the song to its core, leaving Carmichael’s voice exposed and open. Her simple plea, “please stay here,” is magnified by layered harmonies, which envelop us in a frayed relationship that is not yet broken. Yet, we don’t pity Carmichael because her “vulnerability” is candid, authentic and truthful. “Seams” is so moving because it’s as much about what’s not there as what is.

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