Katie Von Schleicher Recalls the 70s on ‘Baby Don’t Go’ [Stream]

Katie Von Schliecher- Baby Don’t Go

“Baby Don’t Go” neutralizes the poison of a weekend that didn’t go according to plan. Plug in your earphones, and listen to it on the walk back home from the plans you should’ve cancelled. Now turn your troubles in to the patron saint of slumber pop,  Katie Von Schleicher, and let her world-weary vocals and detached irony resurrect the evening. The faux-lovelorn ballad that is “Baby Don’t Go” has the slowed-down grandeur of Paul McCartney’s RAM and the introverted conceit of Cotton Mather. The nonchalance of her fuzzed guitars, and the prosaic lucidity of her lyrics (“I tried so hard/ I knew it was out there/ I knew it was wrong/ But baby don’t go”) playfully recall the glory of early ’70s, post-hallucinogen songwriting. “Baby Don’t Go” is the lead-off track and second single off her cassette Bleaksploitation, a 25 minute long retro-ride that treads the unspoken parameters of contemporary DIY music.

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