Julia Anrather Brings Wounded Sexiness to ‘Sweeter Than You’ [Premiere]

Julia Anrather has already started making a name for herself as an actress preforming with Funny or Die and at favorite NYC theater St. Anne’s Warehouse, and it looks like she will be adding “up-and-coming-indie-songstress” to her career list as well. “Sweeter Than You” is a slow burning, lo-fi piece of singer-songwriter pop that has just enough of a dirty edge in the production to make it interesting. It’s simultaneously sexy and a little wounded – an affect that Anrather truly sells with her casual vocal delivery. About the track she says:

“‘Sweeter Than You’ is a revenge ballad. It’s a “look at me now” song. I also wrote it with the trope of the heartbroken blues singer in mind because I love the drama of that character–the Nancy Sinatra “Bang Bang” character–but not how she’s always still heartbroken by the end of the song. I thought it’d be fun if she got some revenge in this one.”

Check out the track above.

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