Josh Ritter Cements his Poet Status on New Track ‘Homecoming’ [Premiere]

We’ve long been fans of Josh Ritter’s lovely songwriting. He makes the kind of personal and intense songs that are completely universal. His newest track, “Homecoming”, off the forthcoming Sermon on the Rocks is no exception. A lilting, melodic piano starts the track in a reflective mood until the percussion and vocals kick in a near minute later. The piano grounds the track, creating the rock of the song, as Ritter layers on more and more into a triumphant burst.

However, the draw with Ritter is always his poetic lyrics. “Homecoming” follows with the previous tracks released from the new album, weaving together biblical references with his usual vivid imagery. Ritter sings his poetry with deep sincerity, grounding lofty rhetoric with his smokey sincere voice and energetic, bubbling music.

Check out the track above and be sure to pre-order Sermon on the Rocks before it’s release on October 16. Josh Ritter and the Royal City Band is also going an a marathon fall and winter tour – check out the dates and get your tickets here.

  • Mark LeBlanc

    Sounds like it’s a Bruce Springsteen song done slowly

  • I am sincerely inspired by listening to this man’s music, lyrics and ability to tell stories in song. Thanks for sharing, as always!

  • Jack

    Josh Ritter continues to be one of the best songwriters, storytellers, and musicians I’ve ever heard.

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