Johanna Warren Shares Sober Realization on ‘A Bird in the Crocodile’s Mouth’ [Stream]

An icy acoustic guitar eases us into the first moments of Johanna Warren’s raw serenade, “A Bird in the Crocodile’s Mouth.” Scarcely three minutes long, the track is not only a sober realization, it’s a bold album opening. Gemini I is incomplete, requiring its cohort to round out the pair. The absence looms like a ghost, chilling the track over a riff evoking Pink Floyd’s “Goodbye Blue Sky.” Warren’s pained, assured voice sings, “There’s no one to blame for all the pain / you’ve felt all these years.” As both an indictment and a lament, Warren is lured to the crocodile’s sharp maw by the beast’s insincere tears. The song’s soft pulsating only highlights the pain Warren has felt — and perhaps caused herself.