Jai Wolf Releases Ethereal, Crescendoing Track ‘Like It’s Over’ [Stream]

In anticipation of the November 18 release date of his EP, Kindred Spirits, Jai Wolf released a new track entitled “Like It’s Over” that pairs emotive, vulnerable lyrics with dreamy, surrealist synth trills. Né Sajeeb Saha, the 23-year-old producer, made his name remixing a Skrillex track, which Skrillex himself subsequently released on his own label. But it would seem that Jai Wolf has transcended the ranks of dubstep remixes in favor of a lighter, more ethereal sound. “Like It’s Over” opens with bare, mellow vocals by MNDR, eventually crescendoing into a symphony of echo-y synths and chopped-up coos. At certain points, it’s vaguely reminiscent of a John Hughes soundtrack, and at others it echoes Washed Out. A sharp contrast to Jai Wolf’s breakout track, the almost spiritual festival anthem “Indian Summer,” “Like It’s Over” sets the stage for an eclectic, varied EP from this inventive up-and-coming producer.

Kindred Spirits is available for pre-order on Jai Wolf’s site, and “Like It’s Over” is available for streaming on Soundcloud.