ISLAND’s ‘Spotless Mind’ Delivers On All Fronts [Stream]

Music is supposed to make you feel something, and ISLAND’s “Spotless Mind” does just that. The London-based band brings what’s left unsaid to the foreground, and delivers on all fronts. The lyrics, “But what if I never ask you your name?/What if I never ask you your name?/Would I be this way?” communicate the anxiety that is connected to our self-imposed hesitations. But it’s not a debilitating anxiety, rather, it’s an apprehension that pools over to the edge of excitement. And the undulating guitar progressions convey that eagerness and anticipation, contradicting and eroding those nervous uncertainties. It’s a feeling that mirrors reaching the ledge and deciding whether or not to jump, knowing that, if you do decide to take that next leap, your life will forever change. “Spotless Mind” is overflowing with emotional unrest, but is soothing and tumultuous all at once, encouraging us to dive head first into the rushing current.

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