Welcome Campers Season 3


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There’s a new label in town, and, as a way of introducing themselves, they are giving us all a little treat. To celebrate the label’s first month, Hand Eye Records is releasing a free compilation of a few songs by their artists. The Wild Honey Pie is premiering the stream of this compilation above.


1. “About Us” (album release date: TBD) – Four Visions
2. “I Am Trying” (album out 4/9/13) – German Error Message
3. “Loh Dalum Bay” (album out 3/12/13) – Baobab
4. “Video Code” (album released) – The Antiques

The compilation is a great indication of the solid music we have to look forward to from Hand Eye. To scope out the label and its roster a bit more, click here.

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