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I am a fashion obsessed computer geek and passionate about all things creative, travel, photography and design. I spent the past year living and working abroad in Sydney, Australia. Currently, I live in New York City and attending graduate school at Parsons School of Design for fashion design.  Keenanevans has become my digital portfolio documenting my artistic adventures. In addition to sharing my creative progress, I post items that excite and influence me: articles, photographs, movie clips and fun websites I come across. The blog is constantly evolving  with me so come again.

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indie festivals are a vintage love fest…

Music and fashion go hand-in-hand.   These days, festivals are my favorite place to look for inspiration when I design clothing… There is just something liberating about spending the day partying with friends and watching a live show.  People tend to fly their freak flags more than usual and piece together ensembles that may not be deemed “appropriate” in the real world.  Jorts are quite possible the greatest accessory?

Anything goes is the mantra of these free-spirited fashionistas.

free spirit, happiness, hilarity, sunshine…

source: refinery29

Hanelli is one of my favorite blogs to look at… she has several posts of style observed at Coachella this past spring.  My favorite thing about the styling in this photograph is the flat brim hat that is oh so Erin Wasson.  The collection of bracelets and tags on her wrist are also telling.

source: hanelli

source: shine

Mix matching and boots… they are doing everything right.

source: plaster-mag

I wish I was this girl… ahhh look at her beautiful dress… it looks like the back is unbuttoned and the flaps are tucked in.  Adding a belt to any dress will give you a waistline and add a chic touch.

source: pitythecool

Fringe. Check. Exposed Underwear. Check… what would a concert be without some suggestive flesh? ;)

source: fashionrising

Who is this crazy girl?  This is the kind of bravery that we don’t get to experience everyday!

source: 944

AHHHH – everything is right, as usual!  Kate Moss is a styling genius.  Tights are underrated.

source:  Kate Moss at 2010 UK music festival, Glastonbury. Photo by AP.

Kate Bosworth has evolved this past decade into “the fashion muse”… her vintage shoes are the best (especially the sandals in the second image)

source: secondcitystyle

I am a big fan of rocking the bra like it is NBD… this girl is sexy.

source: stylecaster

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    I love what you have done here. Very fresh, young, and fun. Roam where you want to, girl. Roam around the world. Rock it hard always, XXXOO

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