I’m An Island’s ‘SW1’ Makes for Instrumental Splendor [Stream]

I’m An Island- Be The One

Take five to get lost in the hazy “sike rock and soda pop” that makes up  I’m An Island’s “SW1”. The track is rich in instrumental splendor – only to be matched by smooth and delicate lyricism. Silken and soothing, the vocals are fragile with a softness that will make listeners like they’re floating in water, eyes closed with hot sunlight beaming down and warming their face.

A surprising mid-song buildup temporarily transitions “SW1” into a more fast-paced track with sharper and harder vocals. I’m An Island uniquely intensifies the lyricism in this stretch, with more prominent and haunting lines such as, “I’m just like everyone else”. But “SW1” masterfully retackles its initial sedative and subtle approach, simmering down to regain its original enticingly dreamy melodies and tender vocals. “SW1” feels elusive as a whole; the opportunity to ruminate life while listening is undeniable. 

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