Husky Stays Upbeat and Wistful on ‘I’m Not Coming Back’ [Premiere]

Husky’s “I’m Not Coming Back” screams hometown wistfulness. It’s a magical release with vibrant acoustic riffs and gentle drums that carry three and a half minutes of silky rhythm. What appears to be a sad title is matched by an upbeat tempo, delicate guitar work and soft vocal harmonies that echo folk pop roots. The contrast of saddened, nostalgic lyrics and a more optimistic and sparkling overall sound blend into a unique track from this Australian duo.

“I’m Not Coming Back” sounds like movement and travel – a concept that seamlessly pairs with the music video. What depicts an animated tale perfectly channels childhood roots of cartoons hosting reddish tinted sepia-toned skies and goofy characters. Thematically, the video showcases speed and escape. A car soaring down roads during the louder, more intense choruses ponders fast movement and flight from the past while a slowed bridge tames the speed and colds reddish colors into bluer tones to match gentler musical transitions. Husky couldn’t do much more to release a song and video that better suit one another. You can hear more from Husky on their official website.