Human Heat’s ‘I Need My Space’ Is Expansive and Lovely [Stream]

Human Heat is the electronic music project of Minneapolis based artist Alex Schaaf, previously of dearly departed Yellow Ostrich. The project now has a new single, “I Need My Space” and a forthcoming debut LP — praise be!

Both in instrumentation and lyricism, all 4-minutes and 11-seconds of “I Need My Space” rigorously cling to a certain beautiful introversion. Over and over and over again, Schaaf croons, with a trembling confidence, his desire for time alone from someone, or everyone. A woozy synth-bass snakes along circuitously, at times by itself, sometimes accompanied by a lovely pulsating organ. Married with a faux-prismizer vocal effect, the song elicits the cloistered vibrancy of Francis and the Lights.

As heard on EP2 and now on “I Need My Space,” Human Heat’s most impressive calling card might be in its percussion. Schaaf has a predilection and touch for combining live drums, or at least sampled live cymbals and snares, with more synthetic shakers and kick drums. And with this song, the trick seamlessly makes the track naturally sparse, or, to use a far more apt term: spacious.

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