How Sad Get Ready to Release New Album with ‘Young Couple’ [Premeire]

How Sad – Young Couple

For those of us here at The Wild Honey Pie, the release of “Young Couple” from How Sad has been highly anticipated for well over a year — after the band performed the track as part of On the Mountain Season 1, we were completely enchanted with its slow-burning take on pop, seamlessly combining a driving bass part with an overlay of triumphant synths. The almost sullen vocal melodies compliment the instrumentals well, slowly growing and expanding till the song’s perfectly understated climax (after a catchy-as-hell bridge).

“Young Couple” is taken from How Sad’s upcoming album, Everything Happens — pre-order now for the 9/25 release! You’ll also get an immediate download of this track, not to mention the excitement that comes from knowing good things are headed your way. Listen and enjoy!

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