Hoops’ New Video For ‘On Top’ Radiates Dreamy Positivity [Video]

I’ve been a major Hoops fan since hearing them last summer, and with each new single, music video, album release, I find ways to love them even more. Written by bassist Kevin Krauter and originally shared on EP, Tape #2, last year, “On Top” is a dreamy track riddled with tokens of positivity:

But keep your head up, you’re doing fine
I know it’s hard, but you’ll be alright
Don’t think twice when it all goes wrong
Put in your time you’ll come out on top

The beauty of “On Top” comes from the way in which Krauter and the rest of the group deliver this message without feeling the need to shroud the words in melancholic instrumental backings, or frame the song with a somber tone. With this buzzy, glittering guitar and dreamlike sound, the band has found their stride, elevating this pick-me-up song to not only a perfect soundtrack for getting on and getting over, but a pretty hot track in it’s own right.

The music video furthers the multi-dimensionality of the track. In it, the band appears on a cable television show book club specializing in self help and moving forward. Taken to comedic extremes, including the sound and lighting boards being covered in chili, “On Top” side steps the typical stylistic and thematic approach to the subject matter of moving on up.

Hoops’ full-length debut album, Routines, will be released May 5th via Fat Possum. They’re also planning on heading out on tour this summer–dates can be found here.

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