Holy Fuck Took it All the Way Back With Their Playlist

When talking to electronic artists about music, you never know where their tastes will come from. Some were in emo bands before they began producing electronic music, some were up-and-coming indie rockers. Some just got their tastes from old-school electronic music, and the genres before them. But electronica collective Holy Fuck managed to be utterly surprising in cultivating this playlist, as they included music ranging in genres from indie pop, to old-school hip-hop, to plain ol’ 80’s dance music. It’s a varied playlist, sure to have at least one or two songs for everyone to groove to.


Joe Meek & the Blue Men – Bublight

Brian: Joe Meek made this recording in 1960, in his words “to create a picture in music of what could be up there in outer space”. Whatever he did he made something that sounds out of step and ahead of his time. It’s nice and shoe-gazey and a super uplifting.

Exploded View – Orlando

Brian: Martin Thulin is a swell guy and a great producer. Exploded View began as the backing band for Anika’s tour in Mexico, so I’m told. Then they made this recording together. I can’t wait for the rest.

Futura 2000, The Clash – The Escapades

Graham: famous grafitti artist Futura 2000 raps about life as such in NYC during the early 80’s.  I love the backing track as well written by Mick Jones of The Clash.

Fab 5 Freddy – Down by Law

Graham:  I’ve been listening to lots of old hiphop in my car lately. Perfect for summer right now! It’s from the Wild Style soundtrack….definitive of ’80’s hiphop. 

Crash Course in Science – Cardboard Lamb

Brian: Sounds like the drum machine writes the song, instead of merely being the backbone of a pre-existing framework. With a beat this good, just let it lead the way and then sing about lambs or something.

Trans Volta – Disco Computer 

Brian: I’m pretty sure the robot says, “I got music and lights. I make your dreams all right. And when you turn me on. You get disco at home.” Sounds fun to me.

Vivien Vee – Higher

Sometimes in the middle of a tour you just gotta put on your headphones and go run on a beach.

O.V. Wright – Everybody Know (The River Song)

Brian: Such a heavy and beautiful song. The protagonist is so sad and just sitting by a river. 

Mathematiques Modernes – Jungle Hurt

Graham: So chill..yet so dancey.  Love the strings on this one.  Found this recently on a Celuloid records comp.

Brigitte Fontaine – Le Goudron

Graham: Awesome track from an awesomely adventurous album Brigitte did with Art Ensemble of Chicago. Goudron means “tar”, and the upright bass on this song definitely sounds like tar.

New Fries – Jasz

Brian: One of my favourite Toronto bands. Their music is honest and unpretentious, and without deliberate affectation they would fit nicely on an old New York Noise comp. Super fun live too. Graham just recorded a new EP for them that will hopefully be out this year.

Michael Dracula – Destroy Yourself

Graham: Despite the name, this band is mostly Emily McLaren from Scotland. ZE records from NYC started putting records out again in the 2000’s..and this is off one of them. Really love the song and the recording of this whole album.  Lo-Fi, and super full of character.

Pale Saints – Throwing Back the Apple

Graham: Early 90’s dream pop from a 4AD band. If you love Lush (like I do), you’ll love this band. 

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