Hinds Shared the Artists Who Inspired Their Album Leave Me Alone

To celebrate that Hinds are releasing their album this week, not to mention gracing us with their presence at Palisades in Brooklyn on Wednesday, we had the Madrid band put together a list of artists and songs that had a huge influence on the writing of Leave Me Alone. Check out the playlist below, then head over to NPR to catch an early stream of the album. Once you’re sufficiently impressed with their lo-fi garage pop goodness, you can pre-order the album and (if you live in New York) RSVP to their show. We’ll see you there!


Fat White Family – “Auto Neutron”

When we think rock and roll is dying, we think about Fat White Family!

Juan Wauters – “Todo Terminó”

All beauty and reality. We love how Juan writes. He says evrything in a very raw and uncensored way. There is no “this could sound stupid” in his writing, he tells the truth in the most honest way you can. And it’s beautiful.

The Virgins – “Rich Girls”

This band was our favourite band when we first met. When we were a duo and used to only play covers, we played this track with our accustic guitars ha.

Mac Demarco – “My Kind of Woman”

Mac Demarco is probably our biggest influence of 2013/2014 (when we first started writing!). Love love love love love forever and ever. Even if touring, even if lonely, we believe in love.

Twin Peaks – “Making Breakfast”

Young dudes doing great tunes. Very inspiring for nowadays bands!

Black Lips – “Boys in The Wood”

Our heroes. The real garage-rock!! It’s also great to see a band that keeps on rocking, no matter how many years they’ve been playing together, they keep writing and releasing amazing albums!

Amy Winehouse – “Back To Black”

We saw the new documentary of her on our plane to Hong Kong, and it completely blew our mind. We didn’t know she wrote everything in her songs. Great surprise. I also like that she mostly wrote about love too!

Public Access TV – “Patti Peru”

This band will kill the world when they put their first record out. They are incredible musicians, performers and songwriters.

Glass Animals – “Pools”

We toured with Glass Animals in October last year, and we had an incredible time together. It’s incredible how they manage to create live every little sound they have on their record. And they give 100% of what they can give every single night.

The Velvet Underground – “After Hours”

Back to where everthing started! We played this song when Carlotta didn’t even know how to play 3 chords. I, Ana, was the one playing, and we both sang the first 30 seconds, because I didn’t know how to play the rest haha.

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