Hilang Child’s Two New Tracks Are Mystery Marvels [Stream]

Newcomer Hilang Child is an enticing enigma. Almost no information is known about Hilang Child’s Ed Riman beyond his residence in London, as the related Facebook and Twitter pages are surprisingly short on further details. After a year long silence, though, two new songs have been recently released to his Soundcloud: “Thule” and “Endless String”.

“Thule” builds into a fuller piano driven and harmony-laden indie folk daze.  With lyrics constantly referencing light — “Take flight/in the raw light” — the song evokes days lying beneath verdant trees and watching the piercing summer light flutter and dance amongst the leaves, casting shadows on your face and in your mind — “You’ll fade away with others in the distance”.

A cool inner calm persists throughout the contemplative “Endless String”. The lyrics of the chorus mention another as “a fire inside” burns to ashes — this sense of leftover dust, of embers once hot with passion, lingers in the clarity of the piano and the stunning stacked open vowel harmonies that ring abundantly. Keep tabs on his Soundcloud for music from this mystery man!

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