HIGHS Reach for the Clouds on ‘Handsome Man’ [Premiere]

HIGHS is one of those bands whose name is all that’s needed to send us into a fit of joy. They’ve made a habit of releasing beautiful, delicate and all together fascinating indie-pop. We’ve never been disappointed by the Toronto band’s output and their newest track “Handsome Man” is absolutely no different. The track starts slightly darker than we’re used to with the usually sweet and sunny band – building off a base of near feedback before launching into the soaring melodies for which HIGHS have become known. Building in layers, a charmingly bouncing guitar floats above the gritty base and is topped by anthemic harmonies. It’s the kind of track that you can easily imagine filling a stadium or festival – somewhere we’re sure the band will be in no time. “Handsome Man” is off their new album Dazzle Camouflage which will be out early 2016. If you’re anything like us, it’s going to be a hard wait.

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