High Highs ‘How Could You Know’ Video is as Charming as the Track [Premiere]

High Highs have been a favorite or ours for a while now, and with each new release, they continue to cement their place in our hearts. The newest single, “How Could You Know”, continues their streak of releasing delicate, airy indie-pop that sticks with you long after the track ends. The guitar twinkles, and the vocals buoyantly float above the production. To match the light sadness of the song, the visual takes the best part of old karaoke videos and follows the trajectory of sweet but melancholic love songs. Of the video, the band says:

“For the ‘How Could You Know’ video, things felt like they came full circle thematically, and emotionally, so it felt right to work with Thomas again. He directed our first video for the song ‘Open Season.’ Thomas had the idea to tell the story of two lovers on their day at the beach, shot as a karaoke style video, placing the lyrics front and centre. The tale of the two lovers goes a little bit deeper. Thanks to my old flatmate Tim and Oli’s wife Ebony for providing high quality performances.”

Check out “How Could You Know” above, and make sure to grab Cascades — a stunningly pretty album that’s perfect to while away your winter blues.


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