High Highs Get To The Top With ‘Cascades’ [Stream]

High Highs – Cascades

In one fell swoop, Brooklyn-via-Sydney duo High Highs announced their forthcoming album “Cascades” and showed off said album’s title track. Ethereal and dazzling, “Cascades” shows off an advancement in the duo’s sound and a continued commitment to heaps of synth-heavy harmony. The production gives this tune plenty of space to breathe, as airy guitar lines support vocals seeped in reverb, emulating the wide-open skies of the band’s visual imagery. In a dreamy falsetto, “you can have the world” echoes from chorus to chorus, matching the tune’s cascades of melody to concepts of possibility and imagination. This song is sure to be one that will help you stave off the beginnings of the winter chill— enough to wait for the rest of the record, due out February 5th.