Hiatus Kaiyote Blessed Chicago with Their Presence [Photos]

Writeup by Jeff Ryan

Recently, Hiatus Kaiyote blessed Chicago with their soulful presence. Once Nai Palm began to sing, the crowd instantly sank into an infatuated state. Her voice harmonized brilliantly with Simon Marvin’s synth, and the crowd didn’t stop moving until the show came to a close. This future-soul quartet successfully encompassed the energy that the crowd gave off, fully completing the cycle of affinity.

This was also possible due to the opening band, IndigoSun, a perfect companion for Hiatus Kaiyote! IndigoSun set the stage for what I suspect to be one of their influences. Reveries blossomed for the audience, as both bands captured the crowd’s energy and released it back, through mesmerizing and inspiring harmonies.

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