Haux’s ‘Cologne’ Is An Inviting Embrace [Stream]

Haux’s latest release starts with an extended finger pressing a single piano key. It echoes into empty space, here defined by things forgotten – a person, a life shared together. His voice grows louder.

“Remember Cologne?”

A reminder. And with that, a rush. Shapes of a shared time and place come into sight. Haux’s voice creates a cottony embrace, a gentle “would you?” forming like a quivering breath, pushing against the last flicker of a memory. It’s an invitation to close the distance and spend a moment in earnest reflection, to open up to the possibility of accepting kindness from someone who has left your life, even when the love has since waned.

Haux’s “Cologne” gently enraptures, up until the final moment when the listener is left alone with that piano note, and a choice. Listen to “Cologne” above.

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