Haux Set to Release New Dream Folk EP [Stream]

Dream-folk and electronic musician, Haux, is set to release his debut EP, All We’ve Known, on July 8, featuring the shoegazing singles “Caves” and “Homegrown.” In “Caves,” Woodson Black, the name behind Haux, combines ethereal vocals and subdued guitars with lyrics reminiscent of folklore to create an atmosphere that feels almost like flying. “Caves” is as much a song about trading pain for release as it is a reminder of the importance in letting intuition lead you. This message comes across clearly from the lyrics alone, but the breathless vocals from Haux and the brooding background instrumentals help to push it further.

The second single, “Homegrown,” is equally dreamy and psychedelic, boasting a sustained, dynamic beat thanks to silvery guitar riffs and a bouncy drum cadence. Haux is an artist of obvious talent who lets his impressive musicianship, thoughtful words and pronounced film and photography skills speak to that. Be sure to check out the music video for “Caves,” which was completely written, produced, filmed and edited by Haux — proof of Woodson Black’s distinctive artistry.

  • hologram

    I’m watching for the haux hard-working quite a long time, and I’m really happy to hear that his full-time job is coming soon. There I will hear not only my loved “caves” and “homegrown”, but also a few new ones, but surely the same enveloping, atmospheric and magical songs. I love Haux and everything he does and I can only wish him good luck on his career.

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