Halima Released Her Ethereal R&B Track “Know Your Worth” [Stream]

New York’s Halima recently released her self-produced single, “Know Your Worth,” which blends R&B vocals and lyrics with ethereal, electronic instrumentals in the most interesting way. The atmospheric track revels in the sense of empowerment that comes after recognizing your self-worth — despite some people attempting to remove it. Through retrospective lyrics like, “Boy, you played me like I thought you would / Boy, you should’ve known better and now I’m better,” Halima touches upon both the dark aspects of past relationships and the freeing feeling of self-regard that can come from ending them. She sings about initial doubts and absence throughout the mellow verses then uses the chorus to replace regret with recognition and loss with self-love. Listen to the track above, and let Halima remove any doubts you have about your value.

  • Halima

    Thank you Edu, I appreciate you x

  • Edu

    I like your song because you have a beautiful voice plus instruments.

Thanks Squarespace!