Halcyon Drive’s Track ‘Books For The Holidays’ Lives in the Quiet Moments [Premiere]

Halcyon Drive have already captured our attention with “Reset” and “Untethered”, demonstrating a knack for interesting, layered indie pop. With “Books for the Holidays”, though, they’ve further cement their place on our bands to watch list. Starting with sparse instrumentation that highlights the clear vulnerability of Michael Oechsle’s voice, the track builds to a perfect burst of emotion, with percussion and guitars charging through a relentlessly hooky chorus. It’s an undulating track that feels just as resonant in the moments of quiet reflection as the bursts of power. Of the track Oechsle says:

“The song is about being frustrated with the state of loneliness. Part longing over unrequited feelings, part despair, part wonderment at the beauty that surrounds us everyday- this is definitely the most heartfelt tune on the EP.”

Check out the song above, and be sure to grab the band’s EP Untethered on May 13.


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