Grizfolk and Max Frost Performed a High Energy Mid-Week Show [Photos]

Writeup by Stephanie Marsh

Last week at Lincoln Hall, the sound of Max Frost’s one-man set filled the room and could be felt throughout the crowd. His stage setup consisted of 3 spread-out mics, a drum set, a keyboard, his computer and an area with 3-4 different guitars. There was simply no denying his talent, as he fluidly transitioned from one instrument to the next (he even had 2 guitars at one time). The interaction between his instruments was as natural as his engagements with the audience — he at one point asked for a cup of water and was handed an ice cold beverage about a minute later, as laughter erupted from the crowd.

There was a short intermission before Grizfolk, consisting of five uniquely-styled members, took the stage in front of a teepee they had set up in the back right corner — an interesting piece of stage design that stayed illuminated throughout the show. The fans in the crowd were very passionate, singing along throughout the show, while Grizfolk brought their high-energy stage presence and southern rock style of playing. The exchange of energy between the audience and collective was incredible to watch. As the show progressed, both seemed to get higher off the excitement being brought out of each other. Grizfolk announced this was their first headlining tour, and telling by their performance they gave, the band will only continue to grow!


Max Frost

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