INSANE  – Grand Ole Party INSANE  – Grand Ole Party (Buy)

San Diego’s Grand Ole Party isn’t like any other band you’ve heard before. With three members, it’s almost surprising that they sound so smooth throughout their album, Humanimals. Lead singer Kristin Gundred is all over the place with her stunning vocals and simple drum beats (chick drummer!).  Imagine a small brunette pounding away on a drum set, along with a voice that belts out any note her heart desires. You have now experienced the near perfection that Grand Ole Party has accomplished.

Humanimals starts out with a bang as Gundred screams, “I must be the devil’s daughter,” and continues with the same enthusiasm throughout the duration of the song.  Gundred again showcases her vocal variety in INSANE, where her talents are showcased the most on the album. It seems impossible that a voice as strong as hers comes out of such a small woman, but hey, if you’ve got it, you’ve got it.

The band classifies themselves as alternative, but they have more soul than they know what to do with. Every drum beat, every stroke of the guitar, and every line on the base has a purpose, making the bands motive of becoming unique entirely possible.

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