Goodman’s New EP Bring Feelings of Nostalgia for 60s Pop-Rock [Stream]

Goodman- Goodman II EP

Have you heard of Goodman yet? When you listen, he’ll sound familiar but still distinguishable. Michael Goodman – if we’re being formal – presents us a vocal tone and a 60’s pop-rock sound that brings back memories of the Beatles and the Monkees. He smartly shows us this from the very first downbeat on the the track “Lessons in Love.” It is unusual to start lyrics from the first sound of a song without an intro – but if his intent was to hook us from the start, it worked.

It’s not all mop-tops and screaming teenage girls when it comes to this jukebox-esque music though. There’s a edgier tone on the 2nd track “Telegram Girl” where he gives us a chord organ, fierce drums and aggressive lyrics: Why should I want to waste my life on you? “Lady in Black” is all an instrumental track on which we miss nothing. It’s not until you’re at the end of the 2 minutes that you realize there were no vocals. The 4th track “Movies” is an upbeat, light tune that screams pop-radio hit.

He has quite an extensive discography filled with singles, EP’s and a couple LPs. Listen to his newest release now and keep on the lookout for the full-length album coming soon.

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