GIUNGLA Calms the Cold Weather Blues with ‘Sand’ [Stream]

While a good portion of the world is moving swiftly into the Spring and basking in the sunshine, my hometown of Glasgow is still firmly stuck in the rain swept winter. Luckily,  GIUNGLA arrived this week with her debut track “Sand” to help soothe my winter blues. The Italian born songwriter laments about her love of the beach and summer, while minimal guitar lines and reverb tinged production float atop effortlessly, transporting you to the closing month of an Italian summer.  The sound is akin to what The xx would release had they been lived by the sea rather than inner city London — so in other words, it’s pretty damn lovely. “Sand” is the first taste of GIUNGLA’s debut Camo EP, which is currently available for pre-order via Factory Flaws.
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