Girlpool’s Sold Out Return to NYC [Photos]

Photos by Tim Toda

Last week at the newly renovated Market Hotel, Girlpool played the first sold-out show of their tour, bringing with them a crowd that was energetic, but not too rowdy. Opening was Palberta, who defied genres and performed a creative set that seemed designed for niche audiences. LVL UP brought back some rock and alternative sounds, creating an energetic rumble to the venue. Though the guitars and drums drained the vocals a bit, they put on a gut-punching set that was loud and crushing. Told Slant took the energy a step back and provided harmonies and minimalistic drums to curate a relaxing atmosphere.

Once Girlpool hit the stage, the crowd was cheery, but remained relatively still. Even after waiting all night for their late show, the band managed to keep the audience on their toes — the venue was filled to its brim, and each person’s full attention was on the duo from Los Angeles. It was certainly the perfect venue for their first show back in the city.

Told Slant
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