GIRL FRIEND’s ‘Arrive Alone Leave Alone’ Is Your New Solitary Summer Jam [Stream]

GIRL FRIEND – Arrive Alone Leave Alone

Manchester, UK quartet GIRL FRIEND have just dropped a new single, the upbeat and disco-inflected “Arrive Alone Leave Alone” (not to be confused with their recent EP of the same name, which this song is not on). Making a lonely night out seem like the most exciting thing in the world, the song is the rare shameless pop gem that’s perfect for an introvert who’s more than happy chilling out on their own. “Let the young couples think you’re out of your mind,” the lyrics encourage against a slick sonic backdrop of jangling guitars and climbing arpeggios, encouraging the listener to take their party life into their own hands. With Mother Mother-esque boy/girl harmonies and a bouncing beat that would make Great Good Fine OK proud, “Arrive Alone Leave Alone” will add a little bit of spicy social subterfuge to your summer playlists.

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