Girl Band Put on an Unforgettable Show at Rough Trade [Photos]

Photos by Mia Min Yen

The four-piece Irish Girl Band, composed of front man Dara Kiely, guitarist Alan Duggan, drummer Adam Faulkner and bassist Daniel Fox, quickly gained US recognition after their successful SXSW performances earlier this year as well as supporting Viet Cong during Northside. At their recent Rough Trade show, Kiely was more energetic than ever, whispering and wailing the vicious and sometimes humorous lyrics to the crowd, while Fox, Duggan and Faulkner added layers and layers of dissonance to the sound. The band put on a bold and unforgettable show, packing the venue with several rounds of mosh pits.

The New York show was the last stop of Girl Band’s US tour. The band is spending the summer in their hometown, Dublin, and will return to the US with more tour dates in the fall!

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