We couldn’t be happier to premiere the new music video for Ghost Tiger’s stellar track, “BirdFeeder”. When I first saw Alixandra Macmillan-Fiedel playing alone in Santa Barbara, I was thrilled with her dynamic solo performance, and that charisma is even better as part of a band. With the backing of bassist Kevin Evans, keyboardist Emma Houston, guitarist Chris Norlinger and drummer Chris Stansell, the full, lush sound I didn’t even realize I wanted has come to fruition.

Ghost Tiger utilizes rhythm like a marching band, while their melody smacks you in the face with an elegant hand. Their instrumental harmony builds up powerfully, and Alixandra’s voice seems to carry you through with little effort. The diverse background of the members, such as Kevin Evans being trained as a composer, make this a well-rounded endeavor.

This new music video, directed by Drew Dale, captures the unique personality of each band member with Alixandra as the guide. The use of stop motion makes the actions of those in the video pop out, and the colorful setting is eye-catching. Watch it for yourself above!

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